Technical Specifications for Art on 8th Performances

Please keep in mind these technical specifications and ensure that your performance is feasible for the Art on 8th program. If you have any questions please direct them to Sarah Greenbaum at

Stage Specifications:
Art on 8th Programming takes place at the Monroe Street Market Stage located right off of the Brookland/CUA Metro. The stage is 25’ wide and 13’ deep. While we prefer to have Thursday music groups perform on the stage, we give the Friday interactive dance performers the option of performing on the stage or directly in front of it. Keep in mind that this space is an outdoor stage made of concrete.

Sound Equipment and Information:
Dance Place provides a small sound system for Art on 8th performances; however a sound operator is not provided. If your performance requires a sound operator, please plan on having one on site.

Dance Place will provide the following sound equipment:

  1. Fender Passport 500 with the following specs:
    -USB port lets you record with CD Quality (.wav) straight to a USB Flash Drive
    – Six mic lines with XLR and 1/4 inputs
    – Two stereo inputs with 1/4 and 1/8 (for MP3 player) inputs
    – 1/4 subwoofer out with 120Hz high pass filter
    – CD-quality .wav and mp3 file playback
    – Docking connector for Passport wireless receiver
    – Speaker systems feature tightly controlled coverage to minimize feedback
    – 35mm (1-3/8″) stand adapters built into each speaker cabinet
    – Two speaker cables and a detachable power cable
    – Mic/cable storage compartment with latching lid
  2. One wireless handheld microphone
  3. One wired microphone and XLR cable
  4. One microphone stand

A loading area is available adjacent to the Monroe Street Market Stage. Dance Place will provide water and a secure place for personal items during performances.