AUDITION: BodyCartography Project

Audition to be part of BodyCartography Project’s performance at Dance Place! BodyCartography is seeking five dancers and performers to participate in the Washington, DC edition of closer from September 13-18, 2017.


Monday, May 1

at Dance Place
3225 8th St NE
Washington, DC 20017

Skills required: We are looking for a cast of seasoned and diverse performers all ages, sizes and ethnicities who love to dance, are experienced improvisors and can learn group choreography.

Please RSVP to Sarah Greenbaum at


About closer
closer lays bare the power of physicality and presence through a series of one-on-one dance performances, for one dancer and one audience, in public spaces and multiplies into an expansive performance experience and dance party. Together we play with how the meeting between performer and audience generates the possibility for something new.

Please check out more about the project here and watch the short video excerpts for closer(solo) and closer(group).