RECAP: DanceAfrica, DC 30th Anniversary

Thank you to everyone who joined us for DanceAfrica, DC’s 30th Anniversary! This meaningful, lively event in honor of our beloved Baba Chuck Davis was an absolute success. We’re already planning for next year so be sure to watch out for more information from us soon!

Memorial Video

Press from the Festival

“‘The drums, the spirit of the festival, the heritage, it’s all going to be very uplifting,’ Soumah said. ‘The festival is going to be phenomenal and it’s going to be such a good sendoff to Baba Chuck. Every year Baba Chuck would serve as the Griot with this bigger than life personality.'”
Washington Informer

“Dance Place hosts this annual celebration paying tribute to the vibrancy of African heritage through dance, music, visual arts, food, clothing and crafts.”
Metro Weekly

“‘Les Noirs américains retrouvent cet héritage qu’ils ont perdu,’ poursuit Assane Konté, qui dirige la Kankouran West Africa Dance Company…’Avec la musique, la danse, on raconte l’histoire de l’Afrique’, décrit le chorégraphe.” – Voice of America Afrique


“The solemn and reverent tribute to the legendary dancer and choreographer featured a montage of Davis in his usual stance, long arms raised above to embrace the universe in regal African garb. At one point, he seemed to grasp Soumah’s hand while she performed solo under his gaze.”
Washington Informer

Social Media Engagement

More to come soon!