Find Your Place: DANCE JUNKIE


PrintJetting between performances, installations and showings, you’ve seen it all! A true aficionado, you’re always open to new experiences and want to be delighted, challenged and surprised. Only the best will do for you – edgy premieres, underground artists and works on the cutting edge of the dance scene today.

Sep 16 – 17: BodyCartography Project
Nov 11 – 12: Dance Metro DC
Dec 5: Fieldwork for Mixed Disciplines
Feb 24 – 25: Dance Exchange
Mar 3 – 4: Nancy Havlik’s Dance Performance Group
Apr 21 – 22: the feath3r theory
May 11 – 12: Dance Metro DC
May 26: New Releases Choreographers Showcase
Jun 23 – 24: RebollarDance
Jul 21 – 22: Heart Stück Bernie

When you reserve your seats before Sept 30, use discount code PLACE to get 50% off your order – any show, any amount and in any combination! Click each show to buy tickets or call us at 202.269.1600.

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