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Moving Forward Campaign

Growing a Place Where the Arts,
Artists and the Community Thrive

Dance Place is undergoing a capital campaign, “Moving Forward.” The campaign has the following three aspects: expansion and renovation of our main facility, program enhancement and the establishment of a building and cash reserve to improve the financial underpinning of the organization that will sustain our spirit of creativity for the next thirty years.


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Dance Place Moving Forward Outdoor Facade Rendering

Outdoor Facade Rendering by Hickok Cole Architects




Raised to Date: $3,790,383
As of 7/22/2014

Building on more than 30 years of accomplishments and artistic excellence, Dance Place stands at a critical threshold. Programs are growing, audiences are expanding, performances are increasing in diversity and complexity, the Brookland neighborhood is transforming, and more and more organizations are seeking Dance Place out as a partner and collaborator.

To meet the emerging and critical needs of its students, artists, audiences and neighbors, Dance Place must move forward to renovate its facility, strengthen the organization, and expand programs that spark creative progress, community growth and neighborhood cohesiveness. It’s an exciting time for a dynamic and thriving organization.


  • Dance Place’s facility dates to the 1980’s and can no longer support the lively range of programs, classes and performances that the organization presents week after week. It needs a facility that can effectively accommodate more than 90 performances each year in addition to classes and other activities.
  • Dance Place’s role in the Brookland neighborhood is blossoming. The number of residents and visitors coming to the area is increasing rapidly. This growing community is coming to Dance Place for performances, classes and family-friendly programming. Dance Place must respond with expanded and enhanced offerings that are relevant, stimulating and creative.
  • And finally, Dance Place knows that it must ensure that it continues to operate in a fiscally sound and responsible manner – assuring donors, audience members, artists and the public of its ability to remain part of Washington’s cultural landscape for many years to come.


Dance Place is ready to move forward to improve its current spaces; maintain its reputation as one of the best presenting organizations in the country for dance; expand programs for all ages and skills; and strengthen the financial underpinning that will sustain Dance Place’s spirit of creativity for the next thirty years.

Dance Place has launched a $5 million capital campaign“Moving Forward” – to address the following three areas that are critical to the future of the organization as a meaningful player in Washington’s vibrant arts community:

  1. Facility Renovation: $4,000,000
  2. Program Expansion and Enhancement: $500,000
  3. Organizational Stability: $500,000

Dance Place invites you to learn more, to get involved and to join us in Moving Forward.

To learn more about the campaign and how you can get involved, please contact our Development office at 202-269-1601.

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